The Path for Spiritual Progress Starts with Awareness

Path of Action: Day 19

The work we do lets us manifest body, mind, and spirit in ways that support making spiritual progress. To take full advantage of this great opportunity, we must put into place structures that support success.

At one level this means developing the skills associated with success, such as leadership, administrative capacity, and clear communication. Even if we have no special training in such skills, we can prepare to succeed by making sure we have a clear idea of what has to be done and by developing a plan to reach that result by following from one step to the next in measured and measurable ways.

To do this requires knowledge that anyone can acquire who is willing to make the effort: Understanding the nature of the project, how it can be brought to a good conclusion, and what systems and procedures can bring this about.

At a deeper level, the knowledge needed for success depends on developing awareness.

What we accomplish is shaped by our capacities, so we need to train those capacities. This means understanding more about our mind, our experience, and our thoughts. If we can connect to ourselves and engage ourselves, other kinds of knowledge will not be hard to acquire. Knowing ourselves, we will know what to do in any situation.


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