Beyond Chaotic Mind

Path of Action: Day 12 

When we direct our efforts toward proving we are right, our original motivation slips away.

We may promise ourselves to do better next time or admit tearfully that we are complete failures; we may react with strong emotions, self-righteousness, or deep depression.


Whatever the response, the bottom line is that we harm our own best self, sacrificing our chances for virtue, quality and joy.  

Living in this way reflects the nature of the Kaliyuga. It is something like being tossed around in a hurricane. Unable to stand up to the forces of chaos, our good intentions are swept away, and we find ourselves condemned to failure, loss, and meaninglessness. This holds true in our work, our way of life, and our practice of the Buddhist path.  

As we develop concentration and discipline, however, we gain the tools to change this way of life.

The fact that we know the scenarios of weakness and failure so well gives us the power to catch them at the outset and cut through their tricks. Knowing how they will play out, we can simply ignore them.

Goodness gives you the key; just turn the key in the lock, and inner obstacles disappear.

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