Can You Trust Your Inner Voice?

Path of Action: Day 7

To strengthen your motivation, look honestly at what you are doing and at the thoughts running through your mind.

You may tell yourself that you are doing all you can, but if you settle for “trying your best,” you will be quick to set aside your commitment when distractions arise, quick to find loopholes and justifications for giving up. Whatever fine words you tell yourself when the day begins, eight hours later the goal will not be met.

When you say you are trying hard, or making progress, or improving, listen carefully to your own inner voice. Are you just making excuses? Be ready to take responsibility for your own motivation. Do not only think about acting, or make half-hearted attempts to act, but act with all your heart.

Do all you can, and then do more. Dive right in to the water, instead of looking on from the shore.

inner voice_dive in

You can support your intention by taking satisfaction in the results you get, like an artist stepping back to admire a newly created painting.

Getting good results is naturally healing, because it promotes the glow of deep appreciation. As you gain confidence, you can share the beauty the virtue, and the results you have obtained with others.

Your example can show that each one of us can make a difference.

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