Completing Intention and Contemplation with Dedication

Path of Action: Day 14

Intention and Contemplation are two of the three traditional principles of goodness. The third principle is to dedicate the results of your actions.

In the unending stream of karma that shapes the lives of all beings, your role can be to contribute something positive.

The first step in dedication is to be thankful.


Many karmic streams have flowed together to make it possible for us to be here today. All around and within us, the solidity of earth, the warmth of fire, the dancing flow of water, and the movement of the wind sustain our existence. Our parents brought us to life and taught us the basic skills we need to survive. Our family, friends, and teachers shaped us, our country and society made us what we are, and countless experiences have given us the knowledge we rely on.

We can act in memory of all these contributions to our own life, on behalf of ourselves and all living beings. Simply the thought that we can dedicate our efforts in this way will make a difference, even though it is just the first step on the path of service and accomplishment.

Our present situation is truly amazing beyond words. We are alive, and we have the capacity for knowledge!

Cherish this rare opportunity, which the trees and rocks, rivers and oceans do not share. Being a human being is the greatest treasure of all, worth far more than any material riches. Filled with joy at the opportunity you have been given, look for ways to share your good fortune with others, passing on what you have learned and manifesting virtue.

With deep gratitude, dedicate the goodness you create to your family, your friends, and all the universe.

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