Dedication is an Antidote to Negativity

Path of Action: Day  15   

Like rich, nourishing food, majestic music, or radiant jewels, goodness manifests everything positive; like the sun illuminating the world, goodness is ever present in your heart.


The practice of dedication shows you how to let goodness shine more brightly with every thought and every gesture, spreading light and warmth to beings everywhere. 

Without appreciation and gratitude, it is easy to fall into small, petty ways of thinking—a poverty of mind worse than any material poverty. Wherever you look, you see only shortages: not enough time, not enough patience, not enough money. If this goes far enough, you feel defeated by the sense that we can never accomplish anything of value. The quicksand of failure forms beneath your feet, and you sink right into it.  

To counter this poverty-mind mentality, you must have something you can dedicate yourself to, whether it is the vision, the success of the project or completion of the assignment, the direction you are going, or a commitment you have made to yourself.

Real dedication is not a simple matter, because once it is made there is no turning back.

That is why there is a Buddhist saying: Do not make too many commitments and promises. For someone advanced on the Buddhist path, a promise made is a promise carved in rock. Once the commitment is there, a stable practitioner will not give up. No obstacles, no matter how great, can interfere.


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