From Appreciation to Dedication

Path of Action: Day 16

The selfish, narrow view that leads to poverty mind loses its hold when you remember and appreciate your good fortune in being able to do work you care about.

If you sense a tension in the eyes or a feeling of constriction in the head, look for the thoughts that signal poverty mind in operation. Bring positive, joyful memories and feelings of appreciation into the knots of tension, so that pain and pleasure flow together beyond all distinctions and labels, and you can overcome the fundamental negativity that seems so characteristic of the self.


You can also challenge negativity through dedication.

When you find yourself caught up in negative emotionality, breathe deeply, letting go of attachment and grasping, and you will find it easier to renew your dedication. If you visualize that you are helping humanity with your work, you can create a sense of openness and freedom that unsticks the senses and mind.

You can use the openness that comes with appreciation and dedication to look inside the energy of frustration and tension and release the physical knots they generate. Seeing negative patterns developing, you can challenge them ahead of time.

Cultivate more open, spacious thoughts, directed toward the well-being of others, and there will be no place for negativity to take root.

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