Keeping Motivation Strong

Path of Action: Day 6 B

You need to remind yourself of your motivation again and again throughout the day. Remind yourself that life is too short to waste in destructive patterns and confusion.


You might think about it this way:

“How many times have I repeated the same thoughts, the same cycles of behavior, with little of value to show for it? Now I want to call a halt.  I do not want to lose my time, my energy, my awareness, and my concentration. I cannot go on getting lost in dullness, memories, and thoughts. I cannot let my fantasies take over, or give in to whatever feelings, sights, or sounds happen to come along.  I cannot be ruled by the gaps and darknesses in my awareness or by feelings of restlessness or dissatisfaction. I cannot go through the same process again and again, not really connecting with my own experience and intention.”

Motivation is like a promise you make to yourself. When you remember your promise, it can inspire you to develop the discipline not to waste any time at all.


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