Making Friends with Discipline and Concentration

Path of Action: Day 9

You can rely on discipline and concentration to guard your contemplation.

Discipline means that body and mind are working together harmoniously. Your aims and actions are integrated so that you are acting on your own highest values. This harmony reduces agitation and allows contemplation to grow. Harmony of body and mind dissolves fatigue and boredom and stimulates creativity.

The balance you develop in this way protects you from frustration and gives you the strength to engage whatever arises without feeling overwhelmed. Work becomes a labor of love, an integral part of your path of personal progress.

If you properly conduct this integration or partnership, you can perfect the human spirit.

Aim for a few hours of undistracted contemplation, and whatever success you achieve, see if the next time you can do better. You can contemplate whenever you are working quietly: reading, writing, or typesetting. But you can practice contemplation just as well while you are involved in physical labor or repetitive manual work.

This kind of focus gets professional results, and it also activates goodness. Learning to contemplate in the midst of your work is almost like practicing samadhi.

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