Strength through Contemplation

Path of Action: Day 13

Contemplation gives us the strength to fight back against negativity and emotionality.

The basic rule is clear: Practice what is positive, and your actions will produce positive results.

Before you traumatize yourself emotionally one more time, you need to act on this knowledge—to turn toward goodness by relying on the goodness of contemplation.

Concentrate and contemplate, and every difficulty, every sign of weakness or negativity, will become an invitation to create something positive.

Sometimes even the most profound insights can seem like just another thought, with no power to bring about change. But contemplation gives you a way to transform those thoughts into reality. Just ask what you can do to protect goodness.

  • How can you improve right now?
  • How can you make changes in the next twenty-four hours?
  • The next week?

The connection to goodness can be found in your own heart. Make that connection, and your life can become an artistic creation filled with joy.

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