Supporting Intention Through Contemplation

Path of Action: Day 8

Traditionally, intention or motivation is called the first principle of goodness. There is also a second principle of goodness, which makes sure that you turn your intention toward accomplishment.

Once you have formed your intention, you need to bring it into being. For this, the main vehicle is contemplation.

Contemplation means turning toward what has the highest value, honoring its importance and letting it infuse every part of experience. Contemplative mind does not hold back or distance itself from what is being contemplated.

Practicing contemplation means keeping your motivation firmly in mind, with no distractions.

Whenever you start a task, bring to mind your strong intention and let that motivate you to concentrate and focus the mind. Follow up calmly on what needs to be done, finishing one thing and moving on smoothly to the next.

Contemplate the vision that inspires you to act, and you will be able to cut off distractions as soon as they arise. You will be unshakable.


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