The Dynamic of Knowledge

Path of Action: Day 24

Contemplating work deeply, you can move past the “tick . . . tick . . . tick” of time passing, past the pressure and tension of time pressing in on you. Going inside the work, you can enjoy yourself fully, even when you are operating with tight deadlines.

Someone with golden eyes sees everything as gold; in the same way, if you see work as Dharma practice, you discover within your work the special energies of knowledge, and you see the ways they manifest in time as invitations to transformation.

Through our work, things that never previously manifested have now appeared. For instance, the books that we publish are available for hundreds of thousands of people to enjoy, appreciate, and learn from. Or consider Odiyan: thirty years ago, in terms of the mandala, there was nothing there but empty space.


Now the shapes and forms of temples and stupas, richly crafted, have come into being. We found ways to express the perfection of our being, exercising our creativity while drawing on a profound heritage of art and history.

These accomplishments have come about even though we started with few skills and little knowledge, and despite strict limits on our finances and material resources. Engaging the dynamic of space itself, we have brought something into being that goes beyond our own selfish concerns. Gradually we have given form to a vision, producing results that may bring benefit to others for a long time to come.

Our work evokes the dynamic of knowledge, for we are making a tradition of wisdom available where it was formerly unknown.

The symbols we have produced are like footprints marking out a path to enlightenment that future generations can follow. Our efforts can show others how to create a mandala and how to enter the mind of the mandala, discovering in the sacred shapes and forms reflections of a universally available knowledge.

Can you sense the vast blessings that come from manifesting knowledge in this way, from communicating the sacred qualities of enlightenment and the inspiration of beauty?

Can you refresh your energy and intelligence with this power of this realization?


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