The Three Principles: Combining Dedication with Intention and Contemplation

Path of Action: Day 17

We all have access to the tools of wisdom, mindfulness, determination, perseverance, and concentration.

Apply them now and whenever difficulties arise.


Challenge yourself to develop better thoughts, better attitudes, better knowledge.

Dedicate your efforts and work steadily toward goodness. Look up, not down; look for inspiration to great heroes of the past or leaders you can trust today. Do not be afraid to try, to make a start. Whatever the result, you are developing positive attitudes. Eventually you will find within yourself the inspiration you need.

If you combine dedication with intention and contemplation, I can guarantee that you will get good results in whatever you do.

When you see for yourself the progress you are making, you will naturally be inspired to accomplish more. A big gap separates a child learning the alphabet from an adult who can use language to serve almost any purpose, but all of us make that journey. In the same way, we can all make the journey into goodness.

Instead of insisting that the knowledge we need is missing, we can challenge ourselves to develop the skills we have right now. Acknowledge what you have already accomplished and commit yourself to do what remains to be done. Move toward goodness, and goodness itself will be your guide.


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