The Value of Our Work

The Path of Action: Day 71

Externally, our work serves the Three Jewels.

By supporting Dharma projects of many kinds, we generate tremendous merit, whose power is deeply needed in these difficult times. At this level we have done remarkably well for such a small group and we can feel a great sense of satisfaction in what has been accomplished.

There can be nothing more important than preserving the transmission that began with the Buddha and continued down through the great panditas and lamas to the present day, especially when the tradition that sustained it faces such grave challenges.

tap_image2Reflecting on all that has been achieved can give you confidence that by taking a part in all this, your life has become more rich and productive.  When you are clear on that point, all the other concerns and complaints do not seem to matter very much.

Remember too that the projects we have undertaken bring no financial benefit, that we focus all our efforts on giving to others and you will see that we act in accord with essential Dharma teachings. In doing so, we have deepened our own connection to the Dharma immeasurably.

If you feel discouraged from time to time, let these reflections renew your resolve. Think of the higher goals toward which we are working, and of how much has already been achieved.

You too are playing your part!


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