Commitment to Work as the Foundation for Sharing

Path of Action: Day 32

The best way to be of service is simply to focus on our own work.

If our work brings us joy and satisfaction; if we work for higher goals; if we act out of inspiration, dedication, and love, we can be sure something good will come of what we are doing.


When we encourage ourselves at whatever level we can, we will manifest positive energy that spreads out into the world.

Expressing our commitment in our work is probably the most effective way open to us to communicate something of the value of the teachings. The more that spiritual qualities arise within us, the more attractive what we are doing will become to others.

On the surface, we do what many other people do. But if we carry out these actions with a different motivation, practicing contemplation in all that we do, others will naturally be drawn to participate. On a subtle level, something within them will shift. Their hearts will open to a vision of higher possibilities. There is nothing magical in this. It is just that as our thoughts and ways of using the mind become more positive and creative, we naturally have a positive influence on those around us.


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