We live in a time of tremendous uncertainty and confusion.

The teachings of the Buddha have a great deal to offer, but we need to find ways to put them into practice that are effective for our times and this culture.

The Nyingma community is an ongoing experiment in how to make this happen.

The Buddhist tradition has always emphasized community: the Sangha is one of the three foundations of the path.

What will this mean in this country, where the basic values and outlook are so different from Buddhist traditions?

Here are some key questions:

  • How can we act in solidarity, creating a Dharma community?
  • How can we support each other on the path?
  • How can we contribute to the preservation and transmission of the lineage?
  • How can we share by example what we are learning?

If these questions inspire you, we invite you to explore them in an immediate, embodied way by joining The Mandala Training Program.

Our community offers a surprising blend of traditional and innovative elements. We emphasize the teachings of a single lineage, and we hesitate to discard practices and teachings that have been followed for centuries, even when they go against modern forms of understanding. However, we have also spent over 40 years exploring a range of non-traditional teachings that prepare the way for real insight.

Those of us already seriously engaged in the Nyingma Mandala welcome the opportunity to share with you these explorations.

Our goal is to train a new generation of students and practitioners.

Through work, study, and practice, you can learn from what we have done, contribute to what we are doing, and ask whether the approach we have pioneered could play a role in your own future and the future of our society.

Learn more about this unique, new program here.

Please feel free contact us, if you have any questions.