Awareness in the Body: The Role of Alertness

Path of Action: Day 20

At the level of the body, awareness depends on alertness. When you are alert, you do not disengage. You can focus on the goals of the project, ready to respond to each new situation.

When you are alert, you need no outside reminders to take care of your responsibilities.  Instead, you can deepen your sense of responsibility over time. With each new project, you can excavate, sharpen, and go more deeply.

In this way you arrive at the practice of contemplation. Potential distractions have no hold on you, for you direct your efforts at what needs to be done right now.

Through being alert and focused, you avoid falling into confusion or losing time and energy by misdirecting your efforts. Not satisfied with staying at the level of ideas and theories, you prepare well and act thoroughly, and you get results.

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