A Selection of Books by Tarthang Tulku

Knowledge of Freedom: Time to Change (Audio Reading)

“Knowledge of Freedom: Time to Change” raises fundamental questions about the dynamics of modern life and the mental habits that determine what we think and do. It’s a great resource for anyone interested in psychology and how to integrate knowledge into daily life.

Listen as Jack Petranker, the director of the Mandala Training Program, narrates an excerpt from chapter 18.



Skillful Means

Noting that most Americans make strong distinctions between work and their private time, tending to regard work as a burdensome necessity rather than as an opportunity for growth and accomplishment, Tarthang Tulku introduced Skillful Means as a way to help readers find greater satisfaction in work and life.

For Dharma students, work can be an effective spiritual exercise, a practice in mindfulness and the means of perfecting six spiritual qualities, from generosity to discipline and patience, foundation of vigor, concentration, and wisdom.

Skillful Means points out how the discipline of work develops awareness, strengthens concentration, and stimulates energy.


Mind Over Matter

Addressing issues important to everyone interested in the transmission of Buddhism to the West, the essays describe, in clear direct language, differences between traditional and Western views of Dharma study and practice, academic and therapeutic approaches to Buddhism, and ingrained patterns that challenge successful transmission of the teachings.

Addressing questions, doubts, and considerations of many Western Buddhist practitioners, Mind Over Matter explores such topics as karma and rebirth, the Tibetan tradition of Tulkus or reincarnate lamas, the place of initiations and rituals, and the power of prayer.



Gesture of Balance

Dharma Publishing’s best selling title, Gesture has been used in college classrooms to introduce fundamental Buddhist topics, practices, and perspectives on common human problems.

Individuals of any spiritual background can turn to Gesture for comfort and inspiration at difficult junctures of their lives.







Kum Nye Tibetan Yoga

Joy_of_Being_KYIn The Joy of Being, Tarthang Tulku goes beyond the purely physical aspects of relaxation to explore Kum Nye’s application to the senses, the perceptual process, and cognition.

This book reveals that the true value of Kum Nye exercises lies in their ability to stimulate energy that joins body and mind in a continuum of joy and appreciation.