Cherishing Knowledge

Path of Action: Day 28

The range of knowledge is vast beyond our power to comprehend. Western traditions alone offer the achievements of science, the speculations and analyses of philosophy, and the insights of psychology—a storehouse of knowledge far beyond our ability even to conceive. Since the scope of the Buddhist teachings extends all the way into the enlightened realms, the limits on what we can know of Buddhism are even greater.

Yet that is only part of the story.

We all have our own resources for knowledge, and these are directly available to us whatever our formal Dharma education. Our own experience can be the gateway to all human experience, our own investigations the gateway to knowledge of the human mind. Each time we act, whether our action meets with success or failure, we create an occasion for deepening and expanding this more intimate knowledge.

Every day the patterns of our minds, the endless richness of sense experience, and our interactions with others all offer vast new fields for exploration. The universe of appearances, the realm of experience, the interplay of subject and object are always available for inquiry. Tracing the dynamic of knowledge can lead us to the body of knowledge—not as an abstraction, but as the reality of our embodied experience.

Once we have embarked on this rich saga of discovery, we will never tire of what we do, because we are approaching our experience holistically, as a field of inquiry. Whether we find in experience gentle rhythms of inner harmony or sources of tension and conflict, we are learning the nature of mind and practicing to transform our being.


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