No Bluffing

Path of Action: Day 3

When the work we do comes from our own being and body, with no holding back, our experience tells us where we stand.



Samsaric mind depends on bluff and pretense, but if we care about our work, our accomplishments and failures show us what's real.

How do we react when we feel tired, bored, weak or confused?

Do we give in, or do we make these negativities targets for our positive intentions?

If a hero is someone who fearlessly goes beyond the ego, we can all be heroes in our work. We can go beyond our own limits. We may not always know what to do, but we can investigate how to transform the attitudes that hold us back and strengthen the qualities that help us advance.

Accept responsibility for success, and act without worrying about what you get out of it. Like a Dharma warrior, you can spring into action, whatever the challenge.

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