Our Work Speaks for Itself

Path of Action: Day 27

Working with fierce determination adds immeasurably to the quality of our lives. Our days are full of energy and excitement. Transforming our weaknesses into strength, we face each situation head on. We celebrate with deep admiration the accomplishments of those who are learning to to work in this way, for we know from our own experience that their hearts are growing strong and their store of knowledge is steadily increasing.

The work we do speaks for itself.


In some ways it reveals that we follow values not so different from those in the rest of society. We have been able to develop qualities that are widely regarded as beneficial. We are disciplined, we care about results, and we know how to take care of ourselves. While we may give up certain comforts and entertainments that other people value, we live without real hardship. We have the chance to cultivate a deep satisfaction and inner peace that many people would wish deeply to experience.

We offer a model for a different way of life, grounded in an intention that departs from conventional concerns but without being so foreign that it cannot be understood.

The value of our work can support you in whatever you do, offering encouragement in the face of difficulties and doubts. It may seem exhausting to confront one obstacle after another, but without obstacles and challenges, life would have little value, for there would be no opportunity for transformation.

The Buddha said, “You must direct your own lives,” and that is the path we follow.

Dedicate yourself to the goals you hold dear, cultivate compassion, and encourage loving thoughts. Whatever new difficulties arise, renew your motivation and look for ways to succeed. Practice in this way, and you will gain increasing confidence at the deepest level that your life has value.

When you finish this part of your journey, you will have no regrets.

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