Putting Contemplation into Practice

Path of Action: Day 10

The time to put contemplation into practice is at the very beginning. If obstacles arise at the outset, the focus is lost, and the project may never recover. So prepare well, planning methodically and in detail.

If you consistently find that you make mistakes in planning or preparation at the start of a project, it is a sign that you have not developed the power of contemplation. Take heed, and cultivate contemplation right away, because experience has taught us that the same problems in midstream will cause major difficulties.


Another sign that contemplation is missing is when you have to break off your work to ask someone else for help. Not only do you become an obstacle for that person, but the interruption shows that you have not thoroughly grounded your mind in your intention.

When mind is not grounded in intention, you cannot create goodness. The work you do is choppy, not smooth, and the results are limited. You are in danger of heading in the wrong direction, wasting your energy, or producing results that are incomplete, fragile, and short-lasting.

When contemplation supports motivation, you are laying the foundation to transcend and transform all problems, visible or invisible, expected or unexpected. Your efforts produce results more quickly. You can share what you learn with others, showing by example and through instruction how to cut through petty emotions and fear, worry and holding back. You can demonstrate how to challenge every obstacle.

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