Sharing the Benefits

Path of Action: Day 31

These are the dark days of the Kaliyuga, when people mostly pursue material values and mostly ask how they can manipulate experience for their own ends. So it is not surprising that their hearts and minds are not open to the Dharma, or that they lack faith in the higher purposes that being alive can serve.

In such circumstances, they cannot readily appreciate the value of a life devoted to bringing benefit to others.

It may be that through your own practice, study, and work, you see matters differently.

Perhaps you would like to share what you are learning. But it may be that people are not ready to accept what you have to offer.

So how can we benefit those that we meet in our lives: our friends, our family, our fellow workers, or even people we meet in random encounters?

The best answer seems to be to manifest integrity and responsibility in our work. We can dedicate ourselves to getting good results and achieving our goals. Beyond that, we can dedicate ourselves to preserving and transmitting the enlightened tradition. The results may not always manifest right away, but in the future there may be benefits.

The more we manifest compassion in action, the more opportunities we have to learn. The more we act in selfless ways, the more meaningful our work becomes.


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