Short-term Results and Long-term Benefits

Path of Action: Day 30

When you understand the path of action at a deeper level, you gradually see that work is not one specific part of your life, in contrast to ‘time off’ for relaxation, or time that you set aside for study or meditation. Our way of working makes work a way of life, and this in turn makes the whole of our life a path of discovery and insight.

Work is the interaction of mind and body, of intention and action.

Often when we work, it may seem that our long-term goals slip out of view, swallowed up by our concern with getting short-term results. But this dichotomy is more apparent than real. By emphasizing work in the more narrow sense, work that produces tangible results, you can keep before your mind questions that give life shape and meaning.

Keep the focus in work on what needs to be done, on getting the results that lead to success. As you succeed on this level, you will find that other questions come to the fore naturally, without effort.

Are you making progress on the path?

Has the quality of your life improved?

Do you have a better understanding of the workings of the mind?

Are you getting results that will benefit others?

Is your life more filled with a quiet joy?


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