You will take 2-4 classes per week, including a special MTP class which is open to MTP students only.

You will meet with senior members of the community to work out a study program that suits your interests and level of experience. Your study program will likely follow one of the following tracks:

  • Emphasis on practice, which includes meditation classes and Kum Nye Tibetan Yoga
  • Emphasis on studying the mind, which may include Nyingma Psychology classes, Dharma College classes, or Full Presence Mindfulness.
  • Emphasis on Buddhist studies, including teachings and history, overview of the Nyingma community, and the emerging place of Buddhism in the West. This could also include Tibetan language. Classes take place at the Nyingma Institute or Mangalam Center.


There will be a daily morning or evening meditation for all participants. Those residing at the Nyingma Institute will participate in evening practice from 6:00 – 6:45 PM. Morning practice requires the permission of the Dean. Those living at one of the Downtown centers will participate in a morning meditation practice.

We recommend MTP students to participate in Saturday workshops and Sunday morning practice at the Nyingma Institute, and Sunday evening chanting, as often as practicable.