Members of the Nyingma community regard work as more than a means to an end. We work together on Dharma projects to express our highest values and to activate the teachings in our own daily lives. Our common goal is to benefit all beings, especially by preserving the Buddhist teachings for future generations. Using work as a meditative practice, we learn how to harness all experience as a vehicle for inner transformation. In this way, our lives also become more satisfying and meaningful.

As a participant in the Mandala Training Program, you will learn about this way of working and discover insights into your own nature. Working side-by-side with long-term members of the community, you will contribute meaningfully to a decades-long mission to preserve the lineages of Tibetan Buddhist and also bring those teachings into the West.

You will spend approximately 35 hours per week doing work that supports the activity of the Nyingma Mandala of Organizations. The type of work varies from physical work to computer work, and may shift during the course of the program. Hours may vary as well. It is generally best to be open, curious and flexible about the work you do and to use that experience to learn and grow. Of course, if you have special skills relevant to the work we do, we will do our best to make use of them.


Skillful Means

We emphasize the practice of Skillful Means, an approach that uses the challenges of work to deepen your personal understanding and challenge limiting patterns. Daily readings presented at group meetings will give you points to practice during the day, and there will be regular opportunities to review how the practice is going.

Art Projects

The Community has always emphasized creating sacred art, including prayer flags, tsa-tsas (images made of fired clay), and paintings.

There will be regular opportunities to participate in such projects.